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Cafe au lait Drying Bath Robe

Cafe au lait Drying Bath Robe

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Tired of getting soaked after the dog gets a bath? Tired of your furniture getting wet and taking hours for your pup to dry?? Does your dog get wet and stay wet for hours after being outdoors in the rain or jumping in the pool or swimming in the lake? Well we have the answer to solve all your wet pet problems!

Introducing our Diva Dog Couture Bath Drying Robe Custom Made to order with your dogs measurements! This is the Cafe Au Lait patterns are fun and made with a mix of textured cotton and regular loop terry. 

All Breeds Large and Small we can Deliver!

Our robes are extremely well made and we use the finest materials available all hand made in the USA!

You will be amazed how fast your dog will dry in our Robes! We use HygroCotton and or Egyptian cotton for maximum absorbency and durability. Try us out you will be glad you did!

HygroCotton® Towels are created by a unique proprietary spinning technology that produces yarn with a revolutionary hollow core. With this fantastic technology, HygroCotton® Towels are more absorbent, dry quicker and bloom to get softer and loftier wash after wash.